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Aquifer Protection Studies

If your property is located within the protection area identified on Schedule F - Gibsons Aquifer (DPA 9)  you may need an Aquifer Protection Study. These studies are required to ensure construction and operation activities associated with new developments do not endanger the aquifer or the Town wells.

We can help you prepare an Aquifer Protection Study in compliance with the requirements defined by the Town of Gibsons. 

Very nice company to work with, friendly, professional and efficient. Our Aquifer Study was accepted without problems.

S. Boyd - Kenmac Autoparts, Gibsons, BC.

Riparian Area Assessments

Riparian Area Assessments are a common requirement for Development Permit Applications when developing or subdividing a lot that has a water body (e.g., stream, creek or lake), ditch or channel within or nearby the subject property. 

We can help you preparing a Riparian Area Assessment for your project if you are looking to explore a possible reduction of the 30m setback indicated by the Official Community Plan in your area.

We are Qualified Environmental Professionals (QEPs) under the new Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) of November 2019. 

It was a pleasure working with Coastal Raintree Consulting. They were instrumental in moving forward on our dream cabin on Gambier Island. Thank you David and Ana! 

Greg McDonnell - Gambier Island

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Development of certain sites may require an investigation of the property's historical use to determine if current or previous operations may have contaminated the site.

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (currently known as Stage I - Preliminary Site Investigation) provides this type of information.  

We can help you with the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the property for your proposed project.  

It was a pleasure working with Coastal Raintree Consulting! David and Ana were both very friendly and communicated quickly and clearly. 

W. Gregory - Gibsons TapWorks, Gibsons, BC.

Tree Protection and Management Plans

Local authorities may require a Tree Protection and Management Plan before a subdivision permit is granted. These plans may include a tree survey as well as replacement and protection schedules. 

We can help you prepare a Tree Protection and Management Plan that is fully compliant with your local Official Community Plan and bylaws . 

Our experience with Coastal Raintree Consulting was cooperative, thorough and efficient. I highly recommend their services.

J. Agius - Agius Builders, Powell River, BC.

Survey of Natural Features

Before major developments are approved local governments may request a Survey of Natural Features. These surveys could include identification of common and protected animal and plant species, wildlife trees, habitats at risk, and sensitive ecosystems.

Does your project require a Survey of Natural Features? Give us a call. We can help you with this and other special environmental studies your project may need.

Regulatory and Environmental Compliance

Every community on the Sunshine Coast have its own Official Community Plan dictating specific regulatory and environmental requirements needed to allow the operation of industrial facilities.

We can help you business to build or expand your facilities following all federal, provincial and local regulations. 

David and Ana have given our business sound direction to being environmentally compliant.

A. Joe - Salish Soils, Inc., Sechelt, BC

Do you need Environmental Monitoring
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